Our Mission

The Healthcare Research Foundation (THRF) is a private, tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2014 with a primary mission to drive healthcare delivery and finance information in both the private and the public setting and to share data and information for the overall social good.


We will strive to expand the utility and transparency of statistical and mathematical metric techniques required to accurately forecast future healthcare trends and support the medical community, intermediaries and the general public so we all can better anticipate the future healthcare environment and adopt appropriate strategies to meet those future expectations.


A thorough understanding of the complexities of providing healthcare in the United States is critical and we realize that the current market structure and regulatory environment certainly have their flaws. We also believe we work in an evolving framework and that we, the private sector, have to fix what’s not working, optimize what is working and ultimately make healthcare efficient. The country has experienced the implementation of a major social program during the past few years and our goal is to help all of us stay in the game and move forward from here.


We think that the medical community, insurance industry intermediaries, and payers are the primary legs supporting our healthcare framework and that we may be at a crossroads. As such, we will follow research pathways that appreciate that working for the general public best interest may also be in the best interest of our industry members. Our mission is to guide our process while always keeping that philosophy in mind.